Why Hire the DUI Law Services?

When you are arrested under suspicion of DUI, you have rights that you may not even be aware of. Instead of just pleading guilty to pay your debt and just put this incident behind you, consider hiring an attorney who specializes in these cases and can work to get you a less harsh sentence and possibly have the case tossed out of court. 

These are just a few of the reasons you’ll want the DUI law services Waukegan IL professional fighting on your behalf. 

Uncover Evidence the Prosecution Missed 

Once you hire your DUI attorney, they will work backward to see if they can uncover evidence that could help to disprove the claims of the prosecution. Your DUI lawyer will be able to request and then analyze the police dash camera video, giving them a chance to see exactly what happened that day. You have several rights that need to be upheld during a traffic stop, and if the police violated those rights, you might have the entire case dismissed because all that evidence will be inadmissible in the courts. 

Once your DUI attorney looks at the tape, they will also check the arrest history of the officer and the track record of the equipment that was used to provide the results of your sobriety. 

Putting the Officer on the Stand 

Getting the officer to talk can be difficult if you are not skilled in DUI law. In fact, many defendants have only the police report to show the court what the officer was thinking that evening. Your DUI attorney understands that when you are in court to have your license suspended, the police officer can be put on the stand. That is an opportunity to try and get the officer to speak about why the car was pulled over, why they chose a certain field test, and what they observed during the arrest. 

Now that the officer is talking, once the DUI gets to the courts, now your attorney can bring that officer to the stand to discuss what they said at the license hearing. 

Plea Bargaining with Judge 

Regardless what the judge in your DUI case decides, you have little chance working by yourself to get the courts to turn on the officer and rule in your favor. With the help of your DUI attorney, they can plea bargain with the court to try and get the charges dropped to reckless, which carries a far less harsh punishment. The fines and loss of license are significantly less, especially if this is your first offense. 

Your DUI attorney will make certain you don’t have to suffer any more than other drivers who received a lenient sentence. 

Your DUI attorney will utilize decades experience to poke holes in the prosecution case and to get the judge to consider dropping the charges to a lesser punishment or possibly getting your case dismissed. The negative impact on your finances alone if you don’t fight could impact you for decades to come.