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Three Non-Physical Injuries You Could Suffer in A Trucking Accident

Truck accidents change your life, but you might not expect precisely how. Physical injuries almost always occur, but there are other problems you might face if you’re involved in a truck accident. Trucks are among the largest vehicles on the road, and they are heavily governed in terms of safety, diver safety, and liability. If you’re involved in a truck accident, you should know what you might suffer outside of your physical injuries. This might encourage you to contact a truck accident attorney Seattle WA law office. 

Emotional Damages

Becoming the victim of a truck accident is emotionally taxing on most people. It might not be a physical injury, but it can cause you to lose the quality of your life, and it can affect you for years to come. A good example of emotional distress stemming from a truck accident might be quality of sleep. If you lie awake at night because your dreams are filled with nightmares from the accident, you might suffer emotionally. Lack of sleep is known to cause stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and a lack of energy. These can cause additional health and life problems. 

Psychological Damages 

Psychological damages are slightly different than emotional damages, but they can be brought on by emotional damages. For example, if you’re unable to sleep because of accident nightmares, your emotional state might affect your psychological state. You could become terrified to get into a car over time because it reminds you of the accident. You could be so fearful of driving you are afraid to leave the house, or you might even suffer panic attacks anytime you see a truck. 

Financial Damages 

Trucks are large. They can cause catastrophic injuries. You might need multiple surgeries. You might not leave the accident with full use of your body or all your limbs. You might not be able to return to work for many months, and you might find out you cannot return to work at all. The time you spend in the hospital and in rehabilitation is not free, and now you’re facing serious financial damages. How will you pay your bills, keep your house, and care for your family? 

Your injuries are not always physical following a truck accident. Even if your physical injuries heal, the emotional, psychological, and financial problems you face might never end. You are entitled to damages if you’ve been injured in a trucking accident caused by the negligence of the driver, the company who owns the truck, or even the company that manufactures the truck. 

Call an attorney to find out what rights you have. Your job is to heal, but your attorney’s job is to prove there was negligence in your accident. Your attorney gathers the necessary evidence to prove negligence and build a case for you, and you get to sue for damages from the accident. Your emotional, physical, and psychological injuries aren’t always fixable, but your financial injuries can be rectified if you file a personal injury lawsuit.