5 Qualities You Need to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting involved in a criminal case is an ugly predicament to be in. You may face jail time, a taint on your personal and public records plus severe fines. But beyond that, the case could change your life, and that of your family’s in a significant way.

Fortunately, you don’t need to tread in this situation alone. Getting the best criminal defense attorney can give you the legal representation you need to build a solid defense, ensure due process and the protection of your rights.

However, you can’t just get any random lawyer in town. Here are the top 5 qualities you need to look for in a criminal defense attorney Corpus Christi counsel.

Opt for  A Local Defense Attorney

While you can hire an attorney from another state or county, it is always best to go local. Criminal laws may be similar in most places, but there could variations in policies and proceedings from one county to the next. An attorney who practices in criminal defense in the local area where your case is pending is always the best choice compared to getting a counsel from another city.

The Lawyer Must be a Good Investigator

Your lawyer may need to weed out evidence; testimonies and affidavits that may help build a solid case for you. He must look into every aspect of your case and research relevant laws that may be helpful in your defense. A counsel who works proactively in your case shows that he has your best interests at heart.

He is an Excellent Lawyer In and Out of the Court

You will face various circumstances as you go through your case. Having an excellent criminal defense can provide you guidance in and out of the courtroom shows he has the experience and compassion for people facing a devastating time in their lives. Apart from being a good investigator, your lawyer should also show a confident stance during the trial.

The Lawyer Must Have Handled a Similar Case

Lawyers grow their expertise through years of experience and in dealing with cases in their specific practice. If the potential lawyer has handled a similar case as yours previously, then he could be a great bet. You are better off getting a lawyer experienced in criminal defense practice, rather than the lawyer who has handled your real estate and wills all your life.

Additionally, the complexity of the criminal laws can be so much to bear for you, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer can demonstrate his competence in building a solid defense and give you the best representation possible.

You Feel Comfortable and Confident with Your Attorney

It is essential to pick a lawyer whom you can openly speak with. The lawyer must make you feel safe and comfortable, at the same time give the confidence boost you need along the way. Also, the lawyer needs to be a great communicator. He must be able to explain the terms, strategies, and consequences to you.


The criminal case lawyer you hire could make or break your case. It’s important to choose wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions and scrutinize his track record. Your lawyer should provide the kind of representation, personal attention and legal assistance every step of the way.