Five Common Construction Site Accidents

Constructions sites are dangerous places, which is why the people in charge of these sites work so hard to keep them safe. Construction site safety is a priority, but injuries can still occur following accidents on the job. If you work on a construction site, you work in a dangerous situation each day. You undergo training to keep you safe, your employer implements safety requirements, and you’re encouraged to proceed with caution every day. However, you might still suffer from one of the most common construction site accidents, which means you should call a construction site injury lawyer Queens NY firm. 


Not all construction sites are created the same. If you work on a construction site building or remodeling a high-rise building, you are likely going to experience work that requires you spend time off the ground. If you work on a road construction crew, you might not spend much time dealing with heights. Falls are some of the most common accidents when you work on a construction site off the ground. Falls from roofs, scaffolding, ladders, and even cranes are dangers you encounter. 

Equipment-Related Accidents

Many construction sites rely on heavy equipment to get the job done. If the equipment is not properly maintained, it could malfunction and put your life in danger. If the equipment is faulty due to manufacturer error, it could also cause injuries. Furthermore, if someone is not properly trained to use special equipment of this nature, they might put everyone in danger. 


Fire injuries are common on some construction sites. Hazardous conditions such as exposed wires and flammable chemicals are easily turned into fires and even explosions. Anyone who is near a fire or explosion is in danger, and the injuries you might sustain from either can be extensive. Burns, smoke inhalation, and chemical poisoning are just a few of the common injuries you might suffer. 


Anything can fall apart at any time, especially when it’s being worked on. Whether it’s a building ready to be demolished or a trench that’s being assembled. This type of construction site accident is not nearly as common as others, but it’s still a dangerous condition all construction workers should be careful to avoid. 

Falling Objects 

Falling objects happen on construction sites. Tools being used on a roof might slide down and hit someone on the head standing below. Ladders can blow down in a strong wind, and anything up high can fall. It’s one of the most common injuries on any construction site, and it’s also one of the leading causes of head injury in construction workers. 

If you’re injured on the site and you want to know what rights you have, contact a construction accident attorney to find out what rights you have. From worker’s compensation to personal injury lawsuits, you have options when it comes to seeking damages to help you cover the cost of your injuries. You just need to call an attorney for the best results.