Improve your score with these LSAT Prep tips

Everyone wants to score 170 in LSAT, however, very few are able to. For majority of test takers, preparation is what makes the difference between a mediocre and a good score. Preparing for these tests can be tiresome or monotonous, but the correct plan, LSAT Prep tips and schedule can help in succeeding. Here are some of essential tips for test preparation, be it for the ACT, SAT or other systematic tests like GMAT, LSAT, MCAT or GRE.

  1. Practice section: Take practice exams and sections under good “testing conditions.” It refers to writing or taking a test during the general day or same time as planned for the official exam for example: 9am on Saturdays.
  2. The rear of a book: Do not plainly jump to the last page of any book for knowing the answers. By doing this there becomes a possibility that you may rely on that book and other students’ knowledge rather than your own. Checking the answer from the back should be your secondary concern. Primarily, try to solve the problems yourself.
  3. Time management: It is considered as a very important LSAT Prep tip. Making a schedule for studying and try to give at least 2 to 3 hours of self-study per day for a good preparation. Consider it your half-day job. Pick only 1-2 practice books and complete your work.
  4. Take help whenever necessary: In a lot of cases, students get only one chance to write or take major tests viz. ACT, SAT, PSAT or other graduate level tests like LSAT and GRE. You can consider taking help of private tutors for your preparation. Take a close look at private tutoring, they may help you dedicatedly for your preparation.
  5. Increase your test taking speed: If a student feels pressurized and face difficulties because of the time, then have that student write or take the test in shorter duration. For instance: if a student’s test session last for about 30 minutes then cut it short to 15 minutes in order to improve the speed. It is like wearing the weights and running, this can help making the sections and test faster for a student. This is one of most important LSAT Prep tip you will get to know.
  6. Math problems: Like we all were told as children that result don’t matter, what matters is the method. If a candidate can’t tell how they got the right answer, there is a very less chance of them doing it themselves in the exam. Just like a mathematical proof, it is important to have each step perfectly written down. Students must explain their methods.
  7. Verbal problems: It is one method which has always worked for test preparation. In this, students are made to read a verbal passage in a loud voice prior to every answer. A lot of LSAT Prep providers suggest skimming through the content after giving a good read to questions. During tutoring sessions, students must hear to what the author has written and then try to explain the whole passage’s important points to instructor or tutor. If it is understood by the student as to what the author has written, it will become easy for them to answer all the questions easily. If a candidate is able to give a good title to passage, it means they have completely involved themselves in and will be able to understand all the questions in a better way. Importantly, making a student author or writer of the given passage will be helpful.
  8. On the test day: Ensure that you have everything that is to be needed for the test day: Pencils, admission ticket and calculators. To prevent anxiety and nervousness being prepared is the best option. Having some caffeine is also advised, but in a comfortable amount as many LSAT Prep providers recommend it.
  9. Expecting the unexpected is the key: On the day of the test, one must expect to see questions that one might not be familiar with. If this happens, ensure removing the obvious wrong options which may not be logical or the ones that don’t have any basis of being the right one. Practice is what is needed for this. Although, it is very important not to take risk of guessing.
  10. Don’t panic: Another important LSAT Prep tip is that you shouldn’t panic. It doesn’t matter what the score is, there is another chance for taking the exam. There is an option of writing these exams again and again without even being penalized. Most of the admission offices look at the highest score amongst the number of attempts taken by a student. Private instructors or online courses can also be of great help for preparation.

Applying to top schools requires good scores. With the given LSAT Prep tips and hard work, it is possible for anyone to get into top schools.