IRCC now issuing new invitations to apply under Parents and Grandparents Program

The invitations have been started sending to the potential sponsors through the parents and grandparents program by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The IRCC has announced in it March 19th update that the potential sponsors have been selected at random and they are given 60 days to submit the complete application.

The IRCC has introduced new procedures and rules for the parents and grandparents program last year, which also includes the requirement for the sponsors to submit an interest to sponsor form.

IRCC has accepted forms from the potential sponsors from the time period January 2 to February 1st. the selection was completely random for the sponsors who submitted the interest to sponsor form.

If 10,000 applications have not been received by the IRCC through the parents and grandparents program then there would be an addition round of invitation which will be held at a later date.

The sponsors who submitted the interest to sponsor form have now been contacted by the IRCC through email. The authorities have encouraged the applicants who have submitted the interest to sponsor form to regularly check their inbox and junk mail folders.

There is also a new added feature which allows the sponsors to check their assigned confirmation number and then they can compare it with the published list of invites. It means that now the applicants can know that if they have been invited to submit the application and so they can start to prepare their application before receiving the email from IRCC.

Now applicants who have lost or forgot their confirmation number issued can always find a new online form and they can find out if they have been invited to apply within 10 business days.

The authorities have said that the random selection process along with the interest to sponsor form for the parents and grandparents program is specifically to reduce the costs attached with it and then to speed up the process. It is based on the first come, first served basis.

The IRCC has also doubled the number of applicants from 5000 to 10,000 for the program, last year. It is helping and achieving the goal of letting people to bring their loved ones home.

However, the new process requires the applicants to submit complete application and if someone has not submitted the complete application then they are not invited.

So, the individuals who have not yet received the invitation are asked not to lose heart and they can always be up to date for any further future rounds of invitations.

The new 10,000 intake would allow the chance for the new applicants to apply and it also ensures that there are enough reasonable chances given to the people who want to bring their parents and grandparents home.

Eventually in the coming years, the intake of allowing parents and grandparents to be sponsored would grow and it is expected to be 61,500 new permanent residents through the program by 2020.

Any applicant is welcome to apply through this program, they just have to check and then meet the requirements for this program. The program also has some financial income requirements too:



MNI 2017 MNI 2016 MNI 2015
2 people 39,813 39,371 38,618
3 people 48,945 48,404 47,476
4 people 59,426 58,768 57,642
5 people 67,400 66,654 65,377
6 people 76,015 75,174 73,733
7 people 84,631 83,695 82,091
Each additional person over 7 8,616 8,522 8,358

Parents and grandparents visa is another option which is available to the applicants who have a child or a grandchild in Canada. This Super Visa would allow the individuals the options to stay in Canada for two years in their initial visit. It allows them to spend extended time with their loved ones over a regular six month visa.

The potential sponsors are requested to send their entire package to the IRCC before the deadline and also pay the fees on time. It is very important to notice that an invitation to submit would not however be transferred to another individual.

Assessment of Eligibility

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