Manchester Business Solicitor Launches Class Action Suit against Facebook


A firm of solicitors in Manchester is looking to launch “one of the largest ever group actions of its kind” as it looks to bring a class action suit against both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in the wake of the recent data breach scandal.

Exchange Chamber’s Barrister Ian Whitehurst has been instructed by Hayes Connor Solicitors to work on the class action suit. He said: “This could be one of the largest ever group actions of its kind to hit the UK courts. A group action is undoubtedly the best way forward for data breach claims of this nature. It allows people with the same type of claim in principle to bring it together on a collective basis to strengthen their overall position and increase their chances of settlement or success in litigation”.

Another benefit of a group action being taken against a big corporation is that the claimants can decide to share any legal costs associated with the case. As small compensation claims are becoming more difficult to successfully pursue due to cost implications, a larger group action are more likely to be able to be conducted on a no win-no fee basis, an attractive proposition for potential claimants.

Barrister Ian Whitehurst has been tasked with the class action suit as he is highly regarded as an expert in the field of data breach compensation claims. His history involved assisting both individuals and companies who have suffered as a result of a data breach, often losing sensitive and private data of a personal and financial nature to third party hacks and data breaches.

In the past Whitehurst has advised claimants who have suffered from potential breaches in data security by a number of local authorities, a national broadcaster, the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) as well as the Ministry of Defence. It makes him a strong choice in the infamous case of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, a leading option in the world of business solicitors in Manchester and beyond.

In recent weeks there has been plenty in the news regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and how the personal information of users may have been used to influence voting patterns in two of the biggest political shocks of our time, the victory for Donald Trump in the US presidential election of 2016, and in the Brexit referendum in the UK.

Cambridge Analytica is thought to have harvested around 50 million Facebook users, collecting and collating their data from across the globe, without permission and also then appearing to not delete that data when they had been instructed to do so. Despite Facebook allegedly finding out about this data breach as far back as 2015, it did nothing to alert its users and did not then take on steps to recover the information that had been lost and secure it once more.

Both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook deny any wrongdoing over the course of the years in question.

Summary: A firm of business solicitors in Manchester have begun a class action suit in relation to the recent high-profile allegations of mass data breach between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Find out more about the response and current legal situation.