Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney in New Haven CT?

If you are wondering if you should call a personal injury lawyer right after a car accident, then you need to stop and make that call immediately. If you don’t realize how important an attorney is getting you compensated for the injuries you sustained, you cannot delay in making the call, too much is on the line. Every second you delay, evidence to help prove your case is disappearing. Here are some reasons why you should call the car accident attorney New Haven CT professional as soon as possible.

Valuable Accident Scene Evidence

Wherever the traffic collision took place, there is going to be an abundance of evidence that can be used to help prove your case against the guilty party. Each hour you delay in calling the accident attorney, that evidence is going to disappear. Regardless if you are in a hospital bed or you have a friend call while you’re in the ambulance, the accident lawyer has a team of investigators ready to get to the scene to preserve the evidence. Preserving the evidence means collecting testimony from witnesses, gathering important measurements, taking plenty of pictures, and getting a good video of the entire location. 

Treated by the Best Doctors

Even if you are seen by your family physician, your attorney has been lining up appointments with the best physicians in the country so that you can be diagnosed by the best and treated too. There is another advantage to being seen by the best doctors in the country. These experts are going to provide your attorney with their expert professional testimony. If needed, these physicians will either prepare a video testimony to be used in court or come to the stand to testify to the extent of your injuries and how they will negatively impact you well into your later years.

Determining the Best Settlement Price

It is a certainty that if you tried to place a price on your injuries, you would fall short and leave yourself in financial ruin years from now. Your injury attorney is not going to let that happen. They are working very hard and drawing upon decades of experience to be able to put a price on those injuries based on a number of factors.

The accident lawyer will look at the evidence, look at your injuries, see how much pain you are in, and how the injuries will impact your ability to work in the future. Only then will they be in the best position to come up with a settlement price and present it to the insurance company for payment.

Making the call to the accident attorney as soon as you are able to get to a phone will put you in the best position to be able to secure the biggest cash settlement. Just remember the more time that you give the attorney, the better chance they have of convincing the insurance company or the courts you are entitled to all that money.