What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?

It is likely that at some point in your life, you will be faced with a matter that requires some legal expertise. Needing a lawyer doesn’t always mean that someone is being sued. As a Canadian, you have the privilege of living in a nation of laws, but that means that at some point, you may need help navigating those laws.

It is one thing to know that you need a lawyer, but it is another thing to know what kind of lawyer you need. The paperwork, procedures, and laws are different for criminal, financial, business, and marital matters. Keep reading to get a brief introduction to different types of lawyers and the services they provide.

Estate planner

It is a hard reality to swallow, but everyone has to decide what they want to happen to their property and assets upon the time of their death. It is not as simple as saying “He gets this, and she gets that.” The job of the estate planner is to find ways to minimize tax debt on an estate when it is passed into new hands as well as handle other nuanced details.

Intellectual property lawyer

One of the most hurtful and discouraging things that can happen to an inventor or artist is to have someone else steal your work and prosper off of it. Whatever it is that you create, it is paramount that you get and retain the rights to your work unless and until you are ready to sell them.

An intellectual property lawyer makes sure that you get all of the proper paperwork filed to fully protect your sole rights to market and profit from your work. Once your rights to your work are established, it is the job of your IP lawyer to make sure that anyone who infringes upon your rights compensates you.

Disability lawyer

If you are disabled and unable to work to provide for yourself, then you may be due compensation to help with living expenses. However, the process of getting compensated for a debilitating injury or condition isn’t as simple as stating your case and getting paid.

Many qualified applicants are denied the first time around, and the process could stretch on for years. It is the job of disability lawyers to make sure that if you are qualified for disability that you get it in as little time as possible. They usually can also get you back pay for all of the time the you’ve waited.

Personal injury lawyer

So, you’ve seen those commercials with a lawyer shouting that you need to call them if you’ve been injured by someone else in an accident, right? Yep, you’ve got it, that’s the well-known personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys are often subject to jokes and ridicule, but they can be your saving grace after a serious accident. The insurance company is not likely to offer you nearly as much money as your personal injury attorney will fight for.

General Practice Lawyer

A general practice lawyer is to the legal profession what a family doctor is to the medical profession, in a sense. A general practice lawyer is not limited to one specialty. They may be qualified to offer you advice on everything from intellectual property to estate planning.

When selecting your personal attorney, it is important that you do your research and schedule consultations with different candidates to get the best fit for you. A general practice lawyer is the kind of lawyer that you can really build a lasting and beneficial relationship with.

No matter what your legal situation is, or what kind of lawyer you are considering, you want someone who is knowledgeable and after your best interests. Do some legwork to find the best choice for your legal matter.