What To Do If Your Driver is Under The Influence of Alcohol?

Driving is a noble job, and most drivers do it for livelihood so they can provide a better living with their family. However, there are still irresponsible drivers who are risking the lives of his passengers in some occasion. Sad to say, even some professional drivers are guilty of this. The main culprit is alcohol drinking. Most drivers that are involved in an accident are under the influence of alcohol. Some say, alcohol will let them stay awake, and some don’t mind that they drive while under the influence of it. In case you are a passenger of a driver under the influence of alcohol, you can do some things to save lives. If you are the life partner, then your impact will significantly affect but if you are just a random stranger- it will be a bit harder, but still, you can do your best.

Things You Can Do If the Driver is Under The Influence of Alcohol

1.      Calm Him

Do not argue with your driver, calm him. Convince him to ease first- if you are near a convenience store, a sip of something hot like tea to offer. Be sure the driver is aware of his surroundings and after drinking the tea then let him walk to see his capability. But do not force him until he can do it correctly. If the drive cannot walk right, he cannot drive as well.

2.      Call a substitute Driver

Lucky you are if you know how to drive or have someone who knows the drill. But what is there is no one, then you can still call a substitute driver to do so. If you go to a party with your driver, better have a backup driver if things won’t go as expected especially if your driver is your husband and you go to a family event with alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, drinking cannot be avoided on such occasions.

3.      Let him rest first

If you feel your driver cannot do it, let him rest for a while. In case he insisted that he can drive, observed and if you think there is something wrong then demand him to pull over. Stop the car and let your driver rest for a while, but make sure to stay in a safe place. If you can stop over a 24-hours fast food chain, the better. If the driver wanted to sleep for a while, then allow him and stay in the safe place as long as the driver feels okay.

Final Advise

No matter how resistant the driver is, make sure to convince him for the safety of his life and the lives of the passengers. Driving in a clear mind especially during the night is important. If a problem occurs, you can call the best DWI lawyer Houston for assistance. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not advisable, but in some cases, the driver insisted, make sure to find the right lawyer if there is a complaint file against the driver.