Workplace Accidents – Know What You CanClaim for Personal Injury Suit.

Every legally binding organization has a mandate of formulating the health and safety rules for the employees, in the light of offering justice in case of any concerning issue occurred at the workplace. Your employer is liable to lay such guiding principles and rules and protect you against any activity, whatsoever which may raise questions over your health and safety.

It is also the legal responsibility of the employer to report certain accidents and incidents, pay you compensationfor non-attendance on being sick and give you time off due to an accident occurred with you while you were at your workplace.

 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a 7% increase in the number and frequency of work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatal injuries, for all states of US. Around300 workplace fatalities occurred in Florida alone, in the year 2015.

Wearing proper safety gear and being extra vigilant can be the only ways to avoid or at least lessen the workplace injury or illness. If, even after following all the safety procedures you met with a workplace accident in Miami, you can approach a Miami personal injury attorney who couldhelp you with getting the compensation you deserve.

Personal injuries occurring due to workplace accidents

  1. Repetitive motion injuries

Any injury which is inflicted due to the repetitive nature of your workis categorized under repetitive motion injuries. For example, jobs involving working at a computer all day can put you at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome (a painful condition caused by the position of your wrist while typing), chronic spinal pain and discomfort.

  1. Falling and other harmful situations.

Workers in jobs in the field of construction are especially at risk of falling from elevated surfaces or slippery area or tormenting stairs or faulty construction equipment. These can be fatal or even life-threatening. At a construction site, workers may even trip over the non-elevated land having construction material. This usually happens in the absence of warning signboards like slippery floor or debris ahead sign. Apart from this, the workers can also get a physical injury in the absence of proper work safety equipment like ear protectors or helmets or work shoes, etc.

  1. Overexertion

If your work demands heavy lifting, there are chances you could easily strain your back, pull a muscle or otherwise overexert yourself. The jobs like a delivery man for superstores, lifting heavy construction site equipment, working at recycling skip, etc. demand continuous lifting of heavy objects.

  1. Driving accidents

Jobs like logistics truck driver, cab driving, school bus driver, ambulance driver, involve driving pose special dangers. The injuries suffered in an accident happened during working hours, are considered under workplace injuries. And since you are driving too often, the chances of its occurrence increase substantially. Faulty vehicles or improper maintenance by the employer can sometimes be a cause of unexpected accidents.

  1. Falling objects

Falling of objects can happen at any workplace, but they are mostly observed in the construction work setting. Carelessly placed objects high up the shelf, dropped object by another employer, large objects placed behind the doors against the wall, are some situations where workers become more prone to injury.

  1. Equipment injuries

Manufacturing factories have heavy equipment and machinery in place. The machine or electricity driven equipment makes work easy, but they come with a risk of inflicting injuries among their operators, like loose clothes getting stuck in them, hair or body parts getting clinched between their parts, equipment getting too hot due to malfunctioning.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law

If you were unfortunate to meet an accident and suffered physical injury or illness, you can claim for compensation under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law.You might get entitled to permanent disability, disability income, and other supplemental benefits.For claiming compensation for the mental injury, there must be a strong correlation between the physical injury and the mental injury.