Tips To Choose The Best Employment Lawyer in Markham

There are numerous reasons why you might be considering hiring an employment lawyer in Markham. He/she can help you review your employment contract before you agree to it and sign. In addition to this, employment lawyers also help individuals even after they have been hired and are experiencing workplace discrimination or their contract has been wrongfully ended. Basically, they handle everything related to employment, and that’s why they’re called an employment lawyer in Scarborough.

Below are some tips that will help you hire the best employment lawyer in Scarborough.

Ask for referrals

You should always talk to family and friends who have experienced problems in their workplaces and have ended up hiring a lawyer to represent them. Ask if they have any lawyer they can recommend and who provided them with great service. If you know no one who has had the need for an employment lawyer in the past, then you can proceed to compile a list of all labour lawyers in your area.

Perform a background check

Go through the websites of the employment lawyers you are considering and conduct a background check on them. Select a lawyer who has been in the industry and practising for several years and who seems conversant with such cases.

The lawyer you choose should have knowledge of employment harassment laws, civil rights and unfair business practices.

Relevant documentation

After doing a background check, it is imperative that you meet the lawyer for a one-on-one interview. Why is this important? Well, aside from ensuring that the lawyer is great at what he does, you need to ensure that he will do what it takes to ensure you are properly represented. The meeting is also to make sure that you are okay with his/her personality. You will be working closely for a significant amount of time until your process is done. As such, you should be in a position to work with the lawyer without hating his guts or way of doing things.

Carry relevant documents

During the interview, ensure that you carry all relevant documents pertaining to the case you are faced with. These documents could include employment contracts, severance agreements, office memos, employment contracts and performance reviews. If you have been harassed in the workplace, be sure to provide evidence to support your claims, as well. These could be in the form of texts or emails.

Go through the strategies

Before you settle on any employment lawyer, you should ask him/her how he/she intends to handle the case. Once he/she outlines the strategies, it is up to you to determine if you are okay and comfortable with the approach. Additionally, you can ask your lawyer how the payments will be made. Will he expect a flat fee or are the charges on contingency? Understanding this from the get-go will help you better plan your finances.


With these tips, you are in a position to make a choice of the best employment lawyer in Markham to represent you and ensure you get what you deserve.